Print Designs

Here are some examples on different print designs.
We offer a wide range of print designs printed inhouse with up to 4 colors.
Also available multiple color print in CMYK colors with up to 34 lpi resolution.

And by printing in CMYK colors, you can simulate a lot of colors.


1 color, positive print, white tape.


Reverse print to edge, white tape.


Reverse print 2 mm from edge, white tape.


1 color, positive print on colored tape.*


2 colors, positive print on white tape.


Reverse print to edge + 1 color positive print, white tape.


Reverse print 2 mm from edge
+ 1 color positive print on white tape.


2 colored positive print on coloured tape.*


Reverse print to edge, white tape.

At reverse print, there will be a thin line showing in the tapecolor on the tape. It is where the cliche is joined.

This line can vary from order to order, and may not be a perfect white line when printed onto the tape, due to flexibility of the clichematerial.

For more examples, click here.


*) The illumination of the color, together with the foundation, which the tape is sticked to, has a big influence on the colors apperence and the same is valid for the colour quality.

For more information about our colors click here.

expotape as  Stormosevej 11