Examples of clichejoints

Here are some examples who shows where the cliche is joined. The joint is a visible stroke in the tapecolour. On the folowing examples the chlichejoint are after every print. Sometimes we make a joint after 2, 3 or 4 prints. It depends on the length of the print and on which cylinder it is printed. Note that the chlichejoint can vary in thickness.


This example shows a chlichéjoint after every second print.


There is an alternative to avoid the clichejoint. That is to make a block in a second colour (see ex. 1). Or we can make a block with a webadress, phonenumber or another text. (See ex. 2).


Ex. 1.


Ex. 2.

All the prints above are printed on white tape, and therefore are the joints white. If they have been printed on brown tape instead, the joints would have been brown.

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