What is possible?

Print on PVC Solvent, PP Solvent, PP Acrylic, PP Hot Melt, in many different variations, film backing thickness and colors.


We can offer you:


• Tape from 1 carton, but also up to whole pallets, depending on the customers need.

• Printed tape from 12mm up to 300mm, and in lenghts from 10 meters up to 1000 meters,

winded up on 3" cores. We do have machinery, which can wind on 1" and 1,5" cores.

• Print with up to 4 colors - printed inhouse.

• Print in CMYK colors, which can simulate thousands of colors. And by printing in CMYK colors, we can print pictures in a resolution up to 34 lpi.

• Different warning tapes: "Handle with care", "Do not drop" and "Caution Glass".

• Print in silver and gold colors.

• Print with barcodes in many different variations.

• Pockets for packing list and shipping papers.

• We are able to print on the adhesiveside to inactivate the adhesive in various customer specified patterns.

• Laminated tape, where the print is laminated with a transparent tape on the top, which secures the print. That gives the tape a fantastic strength and it is useful for strapping or labelling on flors, where the print has to last longer.

• Print on different film types, in widths up to 300mm, contact us for the possibility to print on your specific foil.

• Our handling of orders makes it easy for you. We strive to that orders on printing tape should be easy to handle. The customer gets a proof sheet in color (a PDF file) on the printing tape on e-mail. That is a quick way to serve our customers.

• That the material we work with, has to match our intern specifications and that secures the customer an identical quality in every shipment.

• A solid salessupport, which can help the seller to identify the right kind of tape for the customer, where it is possible. That will make as few problems for the enduser as possible.


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