Polypropylene backed tapes for carton

Packaging self-adhesive tape in polypropylene coated with acrylic water-based adhesive mass and with reduced noise unrolling. It is suitable for use at high room temperature, and has a high resistance to ageing caused by light sources. This tape is free form organic solvent.

Polypropylene film.

Acrylic water-based adhesive emulsion.

Silent unwinding. Solvent free.


Technical Specifications:



Normal E


Backing thickness

25 my +/- 3%

28 my +/- 3%

28 my +/- 3%

35 my +/- 3%

Breaking stretch

45 my +/- 3%

47 my +/- 3%

50 my +/- 3%

65 my +/- 3%

Adhesion to steel

> 230 gr/cm

> 230 gr/cm

> 240 gr/cm

> 280 gr/cm

Breaking stretch

> 4,2 kg/cm

> 4,6 kg/cm

> 4,8 kg/cm

> 5,6 kg/cm

Stretch at breaking point






Transparent and Brown

Transparent, Brown and White

Transparent, Brown and White

Transparent, Brown and White


Good initial tack

Good initial tack

Better initial tack

Excellent initial tack

The above data is average results of analysis made on the standard production and is, therefore, not legally binding.

In order to guarantee the best results, ensure rotation of the goods and do not keep them in stock for more than 6 month.

Under normal conditions our sealing tape are not toxic and do not usually cause problems on contact with the skin. However, the normal precautions should be used when handling and hands should be washed after use.

Our tape is not suitable for medical use or for bandaging.

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