Natural Rubber Adhesive tape benefits

Fast, Positive bonding, this aggressive adhesive reduces application time, excessive rubdown is unnecessary. Cartons never needs to be resealed.

Adheres to "problem cartons", Natural rubber´s broad adhesive profile offers a great deal of flexibility, even on difficult carton-sealing applications. Ideal for use on cartons with recycled paper content, heavy ink coverage, rough or ultra-smooth surfaces.

Best for cold temperature applications, can be applied at freezing temperatures. Once applied will withstand sub-zero conditions of cold storage warehouses and winter shipments.

High shear adhesion, provides added security when sealing over-filled cartons due to its strong bonding properties.

Moisture resistance, will tolerate humid and damp packaging conditions.

Firm unwind, the firm unwind characteristics of Natural rubber adhesives make them excellent for manual applications, very easy to handle and very user friendly, this also is available in modified Low Noise versions.

Excellent printability, makes an excellent tape base for local and regional tape printers. The unwind and release characteristics provide an easy-to-run product that results in an attractive printed tape roll.

We offer a wide range of costum printed Natural Rubber tapes produced at one of Europes newest biggest and most modern tape printing facilities, offering distributors a quick and stabile supply of printed tape, from the very small order and up to full pallet shipments, we have our own art department, plate department, and plate mounting department, securing the highest quality, and shortest lead-time at competitive prices, we can offer a single source supplier for distributors of adhesive tape.

Natural Rubber Adhesive is also known as Solvent Adhesive on various markets.

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