Hot Melt Adhesive tape benefits

Aggressive adhesive performance, the aggressive holding power of hot melt rubber adhesive seals more cartons in less time, speeds up the application process.

Machine compatible, The easy and consistent release tension of hot melt makes it very compatible with all makes of carton sealing equipment.

Versatile performer, while this high performance adhesive was designed primarily for carton-sealing, its broad adhesion properties also makes it well suited for a wide variety of other paper and non-paper applications.

Excellent printability, makes an excellent tape base for local and regional tape printers. The unwind and release characteristics provide an easy-to-run product that results in an attractive printed tape roll.

We offer a limited range of costum printed Hot Melt tapes produced at one of Europes newest biggest and most modern tape printing facilities, offering distributors a quick and stabile supply of printed tape, from the very small order and up to full pallet shipments, we have our own art department, plate department, and plate mounting department, securing the highest quality, and shortest lead-time at competitive prices, we can offer a single source supplier for distributors of adhesive tape.

Hot Melt Adhesive is also known as Synthetic Rubber Adhesive on various markets.

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