Miles of advertising

Tape is not simply packaging material

Tape is also an obvious advertising medium

Tape literally means miles of advertising


Printed packaging tape has an advertising value that is second to none in profiling your company with regard to customers – both existing and potential. Packaging tape is also a sound, inexpensive way of making a company or product more visible into the bargain. But it must be supplied by professionals. And it must be of supreme quality.


Stop thief!

Printed tape is not just an inexpensive and effective advertisement. It is also an inexpensive, efficient way of preventing theft. Printed tape is a way of sealing your packages. Broken tape will be noticed immediately by the recipient.


Save on costs!

Printed tape is also a flexible way to vary your packaging and far less demanding economically than other methods. A comparison of the cost of printing on tape and printing on several different
artons shows that printing on tape is far less expensive.


Informative labelling

Also worth taking into consideration is the fact that information and labelling in connection with the handling of goods, storage instructions and many other practical areas can be considerably simplified when such


Personalize your tape

Printed tape with your own brand and text, homepages, pictures etc. is an easy way to advertise and promote your brand, and it is also a security for the reciever of your shipments. It is easy to see if the tape is broken.


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