Why us?

A professional business partner

Since 1963 EL-LI TAPE/TRYK A/S has been printing on tape. And we have also made an impression on developments. Today we are among the biggest companies within the field in Europe - and we are still growing.

In June 2004 we moved to a 3350 square meter domicile located in Hasselager, south of Aarhus, Denmark. Here we have established an up-to-date production, where we are at your service.

In June 2009 Alfast tape med tryk A/S and EL-LI Tape/Tryk A/S merged and became expotape a/s. Our common goal continues to be offering the best solutions for tape with print. We continue to be capable of supplying large and small orders and we are open to meet the individual needs of our customers. The contact to expotape and the service will stay at the same, high level as before and a sales team will service our customers.

Alfast tape med tryk A/S started in 1985 with printing on tape. They were located nereby.


Always at the forefront

We work closely together with tape manufacturers across the world. So we are always at the forefront of new developments within our field. We have always given top priority to reliable deliveries and have always used the most modern technology. We never compromise on quality. And we are never satisfied until our customers are.


Everything under one roof

Expotape A/S has grouped all activities under the same roof, which includes our own repro and plate production departments. This means that we are an all-inclusive supplier, providing our customers with a number of unique advantages.

The most important factor is that we control the entire process, from receipt of order until the finished tape has been delivered. Deliveries are fast – about 2 weeks. Often even faster. We continually improve and expand our production capacity by using the most advanced techniques available today.


Every solution is unique

Our state-of-art machines are not only a guarantee for rapid deliveries and optimum printing. They also ensure that we can always offer an individual solution – perfectly adapted to meet the individual customers wishes.

We have countless of different fonts to choose among. When it comes to colour combinations in logos and texts, there are practically no limits to our capability. Although we work fast, we always take time with the details. Even those features that were formerly considered impossible on print.


Our main business markets are:

The Baltic Region


We are always expanding our business into new markets through established wholesalers in each region. We are therefore always interested to expand our number of wholesalers in new markets. If you are interested in distributing printed tape, please contact our customer service for further information.

Our strength is our capability to adjust our very broad range of products for each specific market, with keywords such as stability, quality, service and flexibilty in
high focus.

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