PP-Hot Melt 32 my

Self-adhesive tape with Polypropylene backing and synthetic rubber adhesive mass.

The particular aggressive nature of the adhesive, together with the elasticity and brilliance of this film, make it suitable for all applications in the packaging sector. It is printable on flexographic machines with primer and release system.

Prticular suited for use on carton sealing machines.

Polypropylene film.

Synthetic rubber, hydrocarbonic and natural resins, pigments, plasticizers and antioxidants.


Technical Specifications:

Backing thickness

32 my +/- 10%

Total thickness

49 my +/- 10%


5,0 N/cm +/- 10%

Stretch % at Breaking point

145% +/- 10%

Breaking strength

50 N/cm +/- 10%

Heat resistance

110 degrees Celsius

Colors: Brown and transparent.


The above data is average results of analysis made on the standard production and is, therefore, not legally binding.

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