PP Acrylic 35 my High

It is very suitable for basically any box, and has an excellent adhesive performance securing the box contens during heavy transport and rough handling.

The products has both extra film thickness and adhesive thickness, and the total thickness is 65 my.

The product can be printed in up to 4 colors in basically all our standard sizes, once printed the unwind is noisy but with the correct Noise reducer dispenser (ND 2990)
the unwind noise can be kept at an acceptable level combined with a stabile and easy unwind tension.

The product is available in white and clear backing for printed tapes, and clear and brown for unprinted tapes.

Request a sample roll from our customer service.

BOPP film.

Acrylic water based emulsion.

Silent unwinding (no noise), Topsurface printed (noisy). Excellent initial tack.
Solvent free.


Technical Specifications:


Backing thickness

35 my +/- 3%

Total thickness

65 my +/- 6%

Adhesion to steel

>280 gr/cm

Shear resistance on steel at

>5,6 kg/cm

Tensile at break


Elongation at break

< 165%

Colors: Transparent, white and brown.

Applications: Recommended for all kinds of boxes.

The above data is average results of analysis made on the standard production and is, therefore, not legally binding.

In order to guarantee the best results, ensure rotation of the goods and do not

keep them in stock for more than 6 month. Store and use at room temperature

(aprox. 18 degrees Celsius). Do not store at low temperatures.

Under normal conditions our sealing tape are not toxic and do not usually cause problems on contact with the skin. However, the normal precautions should be used when handling and hands should be washed after use.

Our tape is not suitable for medical use or for bandaging.

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