What you need to do when you order your printed tape


To make your printed tape we need the following information:

• Colors: How many Pantone colors, and which Pantone numbers. (Our standardcolors)

• Is it positive or reverse (negative) print. (See examples here)

• Tape quality. (Ex. PVC, PP or??), if tape quality is unknown specify its most common use, we can make a suggestion.

• Width and length of the tape.

• Quantity. Do not order more rolls than can be consumed within a reasonable time (about 3-6 months), minimum quantity 1 carton.



Which tape-quality should I choose?


There are different tape qualities available. Before choosing your quality, the following should be considered:

• The weight of the boxes being sealed

• The size of the boxes being sealed

• At which temperature are the boxes being sealed?

• Is the tape meant for hand rolls or machine rolls?

• May the tape also be noisy (which is not the same as being a poor quality)

• Do you prefer an easy or a heavy unwinding?



Printed tape


What is possible?
Answer: Almost everything! However, some qualities do have limited printing possibilities.

How do you achieve the best advertisement?
Answer: That’s an individual estimation. Today, the name of your company + logo + homepage is a very common solution.

How to get started?
Answer: If the tape should contain the same or similar print as your notepaper, visiting card etc, these have been bade from a file which we can normally use. The best would be to e-mail us this file as an outlined, illustrated EPS or PDF File. In case no file can be provided, our desk-topper can draw the most common pictures and figures.

What much does it cost?
Answer: Obviously, this depends on facts like choice of quality, quantity and the difficulty of the print. Having this information, we can easily make you a quotation. Standard measure is 50 mm x 66 m each roll (36 rolls/box = minimum quantity).



How to order?


For an easy order of your printed tape, please send us a drawing or layout of how you

want your print design, that could either be by e-mail, fax or mail. Please include the above mentioned information. If you have an outlined illustrator eps file, that would be prefered. Jpeg files and pdf files can be used as a layout, so that we can make a proof-sheet for you to approve. Please note that the jpeg-files must have a high resolution, from 300 up to 600 dpi.

Within 1-2 days from receiving your layout and order you get a proof-sheet by e-mail from us. After we get your signed proof-sheet returned to us by fax, you will recieve

an order confirmation with a delivery date. Normal deliverytime on printed tapes are about 2 weeks from approved artwork. Please note our production is dynamic, and the deliverytime can therefor vary. The deliverytime is adviced with the orderconfirmation, in case of doubt, please contact our customerservice.

You can contact us by phone or mail for questions regarding your printed tape.



Phone: +45 8737 5544

Fax: +45 8737 5548


E-mail: info@expotape.com

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